So, this is my first article on We Heart It. I was thinking about what I wanted to write but I had no single clue. While I was scrolling through my homepage, I saw an article about a '30 day writing challenge'. I decided to write all the little challenges I liked into one article. Let's get started! :)

1. "Make a list of your five favourite movies."
Grease, Dreamgirls, The Bodyguard, LOL, Mamma Mia.

2. "Make a list of five things that make you happy."
Reading, watching movies, being with friends, dancing in my room, lay in bed on a rainy day.

3. "Write about two memories."
My first memory will be about the time I went on holiday to Spain with my best friend. We just finished our final high school exams and went to Spain with all the exam candidates from Amsterdam. It's a kind of tradition here. I had the most amazing time of my life. I will never forget about the nights at the beach, the partying in the clubs and the laughing with my friends.

My second memory is when I passed for my driver's license. I was so nervous and scared that I could pass it. But when I did, I was so extremely happy. I drove for about an hour with the teacher and went back to the office where they evaluate your exam with you. The teacher was so kind and happy for me. And this is the moment I will never forget: as I walk out of the office, I see my mom sitting in the waiting area. Her facial expression was so nervous and when I only nodded yes, she was so happy and proud.

4. "Make a list of five places you want to visit."
America, Bali, Mexico, Maldives, Australia.

5. "Write five facts about yourself."
I'm 1.68 meters, 17 years old, love singing in the shower, love going to the gym and read every night before going to sleep.

6. "If you could run away, where would you go?"
I would run away to a warm country with beaches.

7. "Write about three things you like about you."
I like the way I can be passionate and determined about things. I also like that I'm very social and outgoing. But I can also be serious when I need to be.

8. "Explain the meaning of your name"
My name is Luna. The origin of 'Luna' is Latin. My parents named me after the goddess of the moon.

9. "Make a list of your five favorite drinks/food."
Steak, pizza, coca cola, green tea and dark chocolate.

10. "Write about something you are excited about."
I'm excited about the fact that I am seeing my best friend in two days again after not seeing her for a couple of weeks.

11. "Make a list of your three favourite tv series"
Teen Wolf, Pretty Little Liars, 13 Reasons Why

12. "Make a list of your three favourite books."
Looking for Alaska, All The Bright Places, Everything Everything.

13. "Make a list of five things to be grateful."
My parents, my friends, long summer nights, good books, deep conversations.

14. "Make a list of your five favourite apps."
Whatsapp, Snapchat, Instagram, Spotify, MyFitnessPal

15. "Write about a first time."
The first time I experienced true feelings for someone was amazing and horrible at the same time. I was so in love, I never felt that way before. He was everything to me, untill I started to notice little things that changed. Later on it seemed he had another girlfriend. He cheated on me. The pain I felt when I heard it, was undescribable. I lied in bed for days, crying my eyes out. After weeks of thinking and being with my friends, I suddenly stopped crying at night and noticed that I got less insecure. I was getting over it. I felt so strong.