30 Day Writing Challenge; Five things I love? I love a lot of things, that's hard to break down, but let's try categorize the things I love most

  • Music
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Everything in my life evolves around music, music is my passion, my dream. The one thing I go to when I'm angry, sad, happy, confused. Any emotion, music is there for me. When I'm angry or sad, I play a song and listen to the lyrics, it calms me down in no time.

  • Family
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I LOVE my family, my mum is a superstar, a woman of great strengths. My grandmother is a woman who has endless love, both of these women make me laugh, no matter the situation. I have endless love for them. My grandfather, the man who makes THE BEST food ever, whenever I go to my grandparents' home to have dinner there, I am never disappointed when my grandfather cooks. My aunts, there is never a dull time with them. I love them so much. I love my uncle for annoying me when I was younger, throwing wrapping paper at myself and my cousins. That seems like a strange thing to love for, but I do. That's my uncle. A childish adult. I love my cousins, even if most of them dislike me and find me annoying, love. What can you say? I love my cousin's daughter, a beautiful little girl, full of life so young. My family, I will do anything for.

  • Friends
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My friends. The kids I've surrounded myself with since childhood, nursery, they were there. Even in high school, they're there. After being told countless of times we won't be friends in high school, look at us. It's possible. They know me inside out, better than I know myself. I know them inside out, better than they know themselves. My newer friends, the ones I've made in high school, the ones who in so little time have become so important to me. The friend's I've made online, the ones who know more than anyone. The ones I would trust with anything. Wherever I have made a friend, they mean the world to me and I love them with all of my heart.

  • Adventuring
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You don't have to go on a plane to travel, to adventure. You can adventure in your own state, your own town. Many memories have been made on adventures, it is something I never want to stop. Something I wish to do for the rest of the time I can. Adventuring helps open my eyes to the outside world, it helps clear my mind. Lets me think about things, alone. For a while.

  • My Country
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I love my country, my home. Somewhere I will never be able to forget, even if I try. Home is a place full of memories, of heartbreak, of happiness. I will never be able to hear the name of my town and think 'What a nice name'. I will always remember the friends, family, memories. I will never forget my home place. Wherever I adventure or travel to. No matter how hard I try.