A few days ago I read something that someone had written about people calling themselves ugly, she had claimed that they are not ugly and that everyone is beautiful. It got me thinking. Why do we do this? I'm not sure I think its moral.

I think that by telling people that they are not ugly is pushing the idea that ugly is inferior. Which it is not. When a person calls themselves ugly, I think that that is okay if they think they are ugly (I may not agree, but still) who am I or anyone else to tell them they are wrong about themselves? Who is anyone to tell them that (1)their opinion is both wrong and invalid and that (2) "no, you're not, you're pretty!"?

By telling someone "No, you're not, you're pretty" it subconsciously pushes the concept of Beauty being synonymous with superiority, which we all know is not true and really ridiculous. There is no way that the way a person looks makes them better to an alternate way the person could look because it doesn't matter. The way a person looks does not matter.

Telling an ugly person that they are pretty is like telling a fat person they are skinny, or a bald person they have hair. People can see what they look like. They know if they are ugly, fat or bald. Stop telling them they aren't. They know that you are lying.

It enhances the concept that what they already know that they are, is bad.

Love, Katelyn