Hi! I've seen this challenge so I decided to try it too!


N - Navy Blue

flowers, rose, and blue image rain, grunge, and blue image art, van gogh, and blue image flowers, blue, and nature image

I - Ivory

music, piano, and coffee image aesthetic, bicycle, and bike image flowers, rose, and white image beige, brown, and city image

C - Crimson red

fruit, red, and food image red, girl, and flowers image red, aesthetic, and music image red, aesthetic, and grunge image

O - Ochre

dark, indie, and night image orange, record, and music image angel, boy, and wings image Temporarily removed

L - Lavender

sky, pink, and grunge image lilac and purple image photography image Image removed

E - Emerald

eye, eyes, and blue image Temporarily removed cactus, plants, and green image green, slytherin, and aesthetic image

Here are some of my colourful collections:

Thanks for reading!!

- Nicole x