hey people...
today im here to talk about where do i like to take photos


fog, forest, and nature image Image removed Temporarily removed clouds, dark, and grey image
I really like to take pictures of nature ... a green feed brings us harmony and efficiency ... even if it is in a darker tone


city, rainbow, and antwerp image bird, city, and place image Big Ben, city, and happy image busy, city life, and nyc image
In this type of photo I like to see the colors and how they combine .... but some darker colors are more aesthetic. not to mention that a good photo of a city taken at the right angle can do spells in a feed


cafe, coffee shop, and lonely image flowers image girl, fashion, and style image coffee, lover, and neon image
photos in a cafe or even with a drink in the hand can be quite tumbrl. if it is a coffee with a good combination of colors and a pleasant space to see will give the feed a more relaxed air and a greater harmony

- bed

bed, chill, and morning image pancakes, food, and fruit image Temporarily removed bed, canon, and earphones image
these photos are so cute and beautiful making a feed have more impact because this type of photos is like a breath causing a break

and thats it guys...I probably have more places that I like to take good pictures but these were all I remembered ... I promise to bring more sites to not only I but you take inspiration from similar sites and get unique photos without making much effort