Hello WeHeartIt,

About 2 months ago I started to do workouts.
Since then I do them frequently because I want to form my body for the summer time but also for me.

Actually I've never been a person who watched one's figure but in the mean time I didn't felt confident and well in my body.

When these feelings first stared I knew I had to work on it but I only was working out once a month because I always lost my motivation.

Like I already said the work outs became a habit.
I'm relaxing and I feel better when I'm working out.

In these past weeks I already lost 6lbs which is a good thing.
I'm so proud because I can finally see my body change.
Nevertheless I still want to loose some pounds to feel completely
confident in my body because that's what I finally want to be.
I don't want to be ashamed for my body, I want to be free of these thoughts.

But in the end I wanted to say that numbers on a pair of scales don't define you.
Nobody's perfect but everyone's individual and that's the most beautiful thing because you define you as you are.
Never forget that!

Your Vani.