It has been said that cats are all for world domination. Personally, as a person, whose protection spirit is a huge white tiger, I totally agree. I've been like this all my life. Who gives Ryngalders the right to boss both clans around? Why do they get the access to best hunting, fishing and farming places? Why does Godrick Ryngalder have to be the king?

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It's simple, my parents would say; They won our war, after all. Tenebries and lumensies fought for the dominance of Ravinside, since "working together as big happy family" didn't work. Nah. They're all idiots, I say daily. I'd love to tell my thoughts to people, but they never listen. They say I'm odd and useless visionary. Bitches, I'll make you listen to me, just you wait.

I forgot to introduce myself, how rude of me! My name is Mercer Portendorfer. My mum called me Merry, which is kinda sarcastic. I'd like to be called "the Ultimate Salt Master" instead. I have milk-white skin, pointy nose and short white hair. I coloured it, since it was boring originally, it's shade was like a lovechild of dust and sand. I'm awfully thin guy, with broad shoulders and angular face. I'm 17.

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I'm the youngest of Portendorfers. I live on the sea-level of Ravinside. That basically means, that we belong to the worst rank of the race of warriors. Pathetic, I know. Most of Portendorfers are so damn pathetic.

They are fishers and blacksmiths, poorer than the bare cliff underneath our feet and stupider than a wagtail, who's drank Uncle Martin's old funguspotions. They're happy, that lumensies' Ryngalders are ruling, since we're lumensies as well. Idiots! They don't understand that Ryngalders are using the people of Ravinside just to.... To be annoying, rich and very mean, fake assholes!

That lumenie family behaves like they're so much better than tenebries. They tend to forget that the best king of our history was a tenebrie. The best stories tend to get dusty and forgotten. Clans forget where we came from, about all the sacrifises our anchestors did for their future, for our present.

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Anyways, Ryngalders have dark secrets. I've heard rumours of slave-selling and plans with The Goblin Court. That's some dark shit. If I'd find out about all that, I could have an opportinity to get my plans going. My plans are brilliant. I wouldn't get a banishment... I think. The place where I would go is where murderers, thiefs and scary, crazy people are. The place is called Guarded (One more example to show how brainless our people are). Name basically tells the fact that it's been guarded. Guarded by Uncle Martin.

He is our friend, one of oldest wizards, wanderers. He's got an adopted kid. She's one of Sun's fairie folk and loves Uncle Martin with all her tiny heart. She's adorable. She loves the flowerglade on the other side of Ravinside's walls and I often go playing with her. She seems to like me, she's very shy about it though, so I won't know for sure. Nowdays no-one likes me, they don't even try to, so hanging out with this girl, Cora, is quite refreshing. (And pathetic- Sue me).

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Today I've been escaping my responsibilities very well. I'm so proud of myself. It's rather difficult to avoid people here. People are everywhere, the village is getting too small for all the children. Our village is built on a steep cliff, caves has been carved ages ago and wooden shelters hang around here and there. There's a main square, where we can buy what others have builded or baked. A market place in short. A big statue of a deer and eagle keep a watch on the square, wild roses tangled on them.

Below everything the sea's waves slide gently to the coast. It can break the shelters of the lowest level, when it gets stormy. It's very dangerous to live here, but what can I say? It's a tradition. Kids drown easily, old people fall down to the deep waters when they slip on a wet rock. Ah, what a lovely tradition. No, I'm kidding, it's really dangerous and, well, stupid. If I could say what I have to say, I'd make our home safer.

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The land of Gembina is full of wonderful, horrifying things. There's us, the warrior clans. Then there's sorcerers and wizards: Wanderers, elementers and wise men. You can't forget the Ancient Bloods; Goblins, Spirits and fairie folks. There's more to them, there's more to everything. I want to go out there, experience and venture. But I'm only Portendorfer.

I'm the first Portendorfer to have dreams bigger than myself. Heck, I'm probably the first Portendorfer ever to have any kind of a dream.

If only I had allies...

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This is my character introduction to my story. My story takes a place in Gembina, the land of warriors, breath-taking nature and ancient magic. If you want to know more, check out my collection of it! <3

XOXO, Evelyn