I am slowly growing into the best version of myself. A version that is happy and confident. The girl that loves herself and her whole universe. I'm a beautiful, delicate flower. I nurture myrself with kind words each day. I know that I am important and that I have love to pass on to everyone. I am kind, proud and ready to love.

☁ My small aspirations:

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smell good all the time
friends, friendship, and summer image
value nature
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wear more colors
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listen to new music
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use coffee scrubs
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wear only 3-4 accesories
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don't yell or scream
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wear lovely satin dresses more often
classy and girls image
open the door for other ladies
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always arrive exactly on time
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learn how to host a sunday brunch party
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don't point out the mistakes of others
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wear rose face masks
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learn how to bake fresh bread
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don't curse
food, fries, and burger image
chew each bite 20 times and sip my drink
bliss, fashion, and girls image
learn how to accept compliments with grace
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have fresh roses in my home
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wear less make-up
bedroom, blonde, and breakfast image
wash my sheets and spray them with lavender
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be positive
beach, sunset, and yoga image
maintain good posture
cozy, Dream, and fashion image
bathroom, candle, and bath image
light scented candles in my home
bedroom, home, and goals image
give others sincere compliments
fashion, dress, and girl image
dress up for myself
"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style."

Take care, Paulina.