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One week later, one of my best friends told me to end the contact with you... She had talked to a girl, who I knew, was really, really close with you, to be honest I had been shipping you two. She said, that you told her, that you don't even like me and that you love her.
On this point I have to be honest, I didn't really care.
I just thought: "Well...whatever, I hope he is gonna be happy someday!" and I went ahead and blocked you.

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I wanted to move on, because I didn't feel like there was another option.
So I tried my best to forget you and all the memories we shared.
But everyone around me kept talking about you...
I don't know why, you are really not that special, to be honest.

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During that time I tried to understand what I got wrong about our relationsship, because I never felt like you wouldn't like me as a friend.
I still don't get that, but hey I don't care, it's non of my business.

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Also it wasn't really helpful, that a lot of people were coming to me, asking me what was between us and if we made out. Even people, who I didn't know were like: "Aren't you the girl from ...?"
I mean, I only told two of my closest friends, sooooo.
But even though I got kinda annoyed after the first few people, I wanted to stay positive and get the fuck over you!

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But I couldn't, I ended up missing you so many times...
And at some point I gave up, I forgot that you are a fucking asshole and I got your number from another good friend.
I told you that I was sorry for everything and I begged you to not hate me. You said that you don't hate me and that everything was fine...
I don't know why, thinking about it now, it was one of the dumpest things I've ever done, but we continued texting each other...

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You treated me like I was your personal slut. But I thought, that it was okay, beause I'm actually not a really emotional person and that whole feeling- and love-thing isn't for me.

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You've seen me in my underware and jerked off on these pictures, I saw your dick, even though I didn't want to...and I still have nightmares. But I mean you weren't the first one, who got that "service" from me and I don't care about that, I don't care about people who are like that. But you meant so much to me...
That's the reason why it was different...

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In the end, I realized how unhealthy that was, thinking about the way you made me feel:
I was already near to tears, when you didn't answer me.
Was crying when I saw, you were drinking with another bitch.
We argumented a lot, about silly, little things and everytime I turned into a emotional mess.
My grades also started to fuck up.
And all of that just to let you fuck me some day.

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So here we are now...four months later...
I deleted your number, found myself again and you are hooking up with that girl, I heard.
And actually, I feel like that's amazing! I want you to find love and I wish you the best! All of us deserves that and you're not a bad human or something.

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And just so you guys know, if you have such a relationsship with someone, you may really like, but this person is giving you nothing and you're the one, who is putting so much efford in the relationsship...End it...
It may be really hard, but it's better for your soul!

Thanks for reading, btw :)

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