Heyo....I think I'm a little late with following this trend, haha but who cares x


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my style is basically just fishnets, jeans, vans and statement socks haha


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black and blue are my baes x


art, museum, and indie image travel europe, mountain landscape, and clear lake image travel, nature, and adventure image concert, kraftklub, and konzert image
just art, nature, travelling and concerts x


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I have two cats and a dog and I loooooooove seals <3


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I basically love every type of food haha. here we have the best of the best:french toast, everyrhing cheesy, soup and curry x


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I find it very hard to describe any personality in that less pictures, but here's my attempt ; I'm often very introvert and glad to be on my own but I'm still a person who loves to have it's loved ones around. I'm also pretty shy sometimes (sometimes not idek)

dreams and goals

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idek...I'm not a person that sets itself goals tbh, I'm someone who lives now....but my dreams are just to be who I am, to spend long summer nights with my friends and to have the ability to travel the world someday


black, book, and orange image book, books, and glasses image city of bones, clary fray, and city of glass image
those are my favorite books,I love every John Green book and also loved 'fracture' by Megan Miranda


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I have no idea how to describe my lifrestyle so I'll just leave this picture here which reminds me of me haha

movies / series

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TVD, PLL and I know, I know most hated and loved series of all time....13RW also Harry Potter bcit never gets boring xx

I hope you enjoyed getting to know me a bit better haha
see you soon
xx Magda