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Something I've noticed lately is that we all have a common interest in this life, and that is we all want to be happy, and live a happy life. But most of the time we don't quite know how to accomplish that desire, and we tend to frustrate in the process. You'll see the thing about happiness is that it has many different meanings to every person. My definition of happiness may not be the same as yours, or the same as a 5 years old kid. Maybe happiness to me is being on a computer writing all day, and happiness for you may be studying medicine on collage, and happiness for a 5 years old may be playing with his favorite toy.

So even though happiness may have many different meanings for all of us, I believe there are 7 universal keys to have a happier life, that will work perfectly it doesn't matter what your interests are. ★

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7 Keys To Have A Happier Life ❁

1. Don't take life too serious

I remember this joke going on the last year that said something like "Trying to make a joke in 2017 be like" and then insert a picture of an explosion or something. When I first saw it I didn't get why people were saying that, but it all made sense when I see a lot of people making innocent jokes on the internet and people were getting offended by it and I was like WHAT IS HAPPENING. Now let me clarify this, I believe that like everything in this life there is a limit on the things you can make jokes about, as long as it is not harming or denigrating someone's dignity. But I think the problem here is not about the jokes, is about people taking everything so personal! I mean come on guys, where is your sense of humor!? This life is way too short to be taking other people's opinion personal. When you stop getting butt hurt by the things you see or hear, and you start to find humor in all things, your life will become happier. Take life with a little bit of humor!

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2. Be open minded

In this world we live in you will always run into people that thinks differently from you. I personally believe that is one of the greatest things of our world, all the diversity we have and the different ideologies and cultures. We can learn a lot from each other if we are willing to listen without judging. So the best thing you can do when you disagree with someone's opinion is to listen carefully, and respect it. Is not your job to try to change their mind, as well as is not their job to try to change yours. Just remember that nobody has the absolute truth about anything. We don't know how this Earth was created, maybe it was God, maybe it was the Big Bang explosion, but we don't know that for sure! Whatever you want to believe is okay, but don't try to make others think like you. If you think color red is lame, then don't try to make people who likes red think so. If you believe aliens exist, then don't try to make people who don't, believe so. If you think your religion is the best, then don't try to make people from other religions think so. We are here to learn from each other!

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3. Take every experience as a lesson

Good or bad, everything that happens to you is because it wants to teach you something. A great example I can give you is what happened to me yesterday, I was having a really bad day, I mean a REALLY bad day guys. Everything went wrong, and it only got worst and worst. So it took me to a point when I was finally exhausted and I started to complain and asking life "why the hell is all this happening to me?", I felt like I was receiving some kind of punishment but I didn't knew why. So I sat on my bed and tried to clear my mind, and I started to think "what is this trying to teach me?" It all suddenly made sense. When you stop complaining and you are willing to learn from life's lessons things get a little easier. Yesterday, all the things that happened to me were only a little lesson that life wanted me to know, I learned that I should not take for granted the things I have be grateful for all of them, because there are people who are having a worst time than me.

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4. Just stop being negative

Really guys, negativity is like a little poison drop that will rot whatever it touches. Keep negativity out of your system, you have no idea how much mental and physical energy you waste by being negative or angry all the time. Avoid criticizing, complaining, and hating on your daily life and you'll see how the air you breath will feel more pure. If people around you are being negative, then just walk away. Trust me that's not the kind of energy you want in your life for it to be happier.

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5. Learn to say no

Stop doing things that don't make you happy just to please others. If you don't feel like doing something, then don't do it! Saying no will not make you rude or anything else, it will only show that you are a person who respects enough yourself to say no.

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6. Less is more

I used to believe that I needed to have a lot of things to be happy. But with time I realized is the other way around. I used to be part of this big group of "friends" back in high school, and of course a lot of them weren't exactly what you will call a real friend. And one thing I noticed was that as this group of people started to get smaller and smaller, the happier I was getting. Less is more, you don't need a ton of fake friends or fake things to be happy, you just need a couple of real ones. And the less you worry, the happier you become.

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7. Be grateful

Just be grateful, for all the things you have. Stop taking things for granted. Try to wake up everyday and be thankful for the house you have that keeps you fresh on summer and warm on winter, while there are other people living in houses made of paperboard. For your bed, that brings you a comfortable rest, while there are people sleeping on the streets. For the clear water you have to drink, while there are people dying of thirst. For the food you have, while there are a lot of hungry people dying everyday. For all the parts of your body you have and working correctly, while there are people wishing they had a pair of legs or arms. For your health, while there are people dying in hospitals. For the family you have that loves you, while there are a lot of abandoned kids on orphanages. For your education, while there are people who can't read or write. For being alive to this day, while there is people who didn't make it to this day. Just be grateful, and life will start to smile at you!

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Hope you guys enjoyed this article as much as I did! And I also hope this tips could be helpful in your lives ♥

If you guys have any suggestion of what you would like me to write in the future, just send me a message and maybe your article may be next! ^^

Until next time! ♥

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