If you are someone who enjoys giving other genres of music a try, then this playlist is perfect for you. I am one who particularly enjoys all types of music with rock being my number one favorite. With that being said, this playlist mainly consists of rock/progressive metal bands that are disgustingly underrated. I present you: art.

1. Coheed and Cambria

Coheed and Cambria have been around for over 20 years and I just cannot seem to understand why they are so underrated. Everything that they have produced is absolutely genius. I saw them in concert in 2015 and I was just wowwed. Also, Claudio Sanchez has the most amazing hair.

My favorite songs by them:
- Welcome Home
- Dark Side of Me
- Domino the Destitute

2. The Fall of Troy

Another band that deserves recognition and fame. Your IQ has to be high to understand and enjoy this band. Thomas Erak has to be one of the best guitarists and singers out there. Even live, they are fantastic!

My favorite songs by them:
- Caught Up
- Act One, Scene One
- Dirty Pillow Talk

3. I The Mighty

Unfortunately, this band went down hill, but the songs that they did produce in the beginning of their music career was beautiful. I love them, and I think you will too.

My favorite songs by them:
- Four Letter Words
- Failures
- Embers
- Occupatience

4. The 68'

This is one of those bands who are better live. I saw this band back in 2016 and was one of the best performances that I have ever seen. It's so crazy to me how only two people can blow you off your feet by creating awesome music.

My favorite songs by them:
- Track 1 R
- Three is a Crowd
- The Workers are Few

5. A Lot Like Birds

This band has actually been to Warped Tour in the past and have since broke up. In my opinion, this band was too good for Warped Tour. You may also recognize the lead singer, as he used to be the vocals for Dance Gavin Dance. This band is one of my favorites to listen to while taking drives.

My favorite songs by them:
- Connector
- Vanity's Fair
- Orange Time Machines Care

EXTRA: Kurt Travis, the vocalist for A Lot Like Birds is now a solo artist and I can not get enough of his works. Try listening to these:
- Desperate
- It's All Over

I really suggest you give these bands a try. Hopefully you'll at least like one. I know for some of them, it took awhile for them to grow on me but the more I listened, I eventually fell in love with them (thanks to my fiance). Enjoy! xo

3-14-18 by Lana K.