Hey hey heyyy ! Guess who is back for the second part of the Spring Tag ?
If you didn't see the first part, don't hesitate to check it :

Then, why not begin ?

What comes to mind when you hear “spring”? Show us in 4 images.

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I applaud the fantastic artist of these images above : Heo Jiseon. You can find her on instagram with this link : https://www.instagram.com/yuugi83/

What’s your favorite flower ?

I really like cherry blossom because it's all pinky ! so cute <3 but I think my favourite flower is Hibiscus, I have one that I called Emily ahah

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What are you excited for this spring ?

As you can see with the pictures above, I love spring because all the nature is reborn like a phoenix : flowers, trees, grass,.. A lot of insects are here like butterflies so you can feel the energy of the nature, it's fantastic !

By the way, I can hang out with my dog who really likes spring too, play with him in the grass, garden, make DIY things or even study outside ! It's so cool !

Image by Wames adorable, alternative, and animals image
↑ This is my dog <333 ↑

I really look forward the spring ! ☼