Now I finally have some time to do another article! I did my last final today and I couldn't be more relieved.

I wanted to make something casual and fun so I decided to tell you my top 5 favourite tv shows!

5. The Mentalist

I think this show is so underrated. I love the characters, especially Jane. I love a good detectice show and this one is just that.

There's a really good backstory going on and I love how things are slowly coming together.

And have you seen Simor Baker?

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4. How I met your mother

This is a show I can watch million times over and over again. The story is so sweet and you learn to love all the characters.

There's a special in my heart for HIMYM - it's one of the first tv shows I ever started to watch.

This show is great for binge watching!

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3. Once Upon A Time

I absolutely love this show! It's so magical and it always makes me so happy and hopeful. It's a real feel-good show.

If you're feeling down this is the best choice for a little mood boost!

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Btw CaptainSwan is goals

2. Sherlock

Who wouldn't love Sherlock? He's clever and sarcastic - actually one of my favourite characters of all time.

You never know what's going to happen next and it keeps you on your toes all the time. This show is perfect for lonely rainy days.

Too bad the seasons are so short - let's hope we will get season 5!

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1. The Nanny

I mean this was my favourite show as a child - still is. I used to watch this with my parents and aunt and I loved laughing to all those funny jokes.

I think The Nanny has some of the best jokes I have ever heard. It's so geanius that I find myself wondering how did they come up with all this stuff.

I watch this when I'm feeling sad or hurt - it always makes me smile!

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We would be here all night if I would all of my favourite tv shows - these are just my all time favourites.

Hope you liked it!
x Charlott