Hello everyone!

Today I was just listening to music to get some inspiration to write and then this piano playlist came on and that is when my inspiration came. Even though I never learned how to play the piano that it is something I want to do in my life. I just find the sound of it and the melodies you can create so fascinating and mesmerizing. I could honestly be listening to it every single day.
With that being said, I decided to share my top three pianists that I look up. I just want to say, previously, that they aren't in any specific order.

- johannes bornlöf; sometimes I go listen to him because his songs are just incredible!

- yiruma; this is hands down my all-time favorite. I can honestly listen to his albums again and again without getting tired. he is so good at what he does;

- kari bin; he is not very known from what I can see and doesn't have many songs compared to the other two but he is so amazing!

This is the end of the post but i do hope you guys go and check this group of pianists! Have a great day.

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