Hi there, my little Butterflies. I know it has been a while and I think I own you an apology. “I’m sorry for letting hang the ‘A Question A Day’ Article.” So, many of you asked about it, if I’m going to continue it. My aswer is YES, I love the concept about that article, but at the moment a lot of stuf is going on. So if I want to finish it, I want it to be good, so that you have something about it and not something that doesn’t even make sense. I think that I will make articles about each month, for so far I have enough questions for that month. (Maybe I will start with april, but I’m not sure, so maybe the next one will be in may. I hope as soon as I can.) I hope you understand. ♥ PS: I’m working on some other articles, so I hope that will be done soon. ♥ Bye my little butterflies!

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(The article I'm talking about)