#1 Mike Wheeler

finn wolfhard, stranger things, and mike wheeler image
Show: Stranger Things

#2 Newt

newt, death cure, and thomas sangster image
Movie: The Maze Runner

#3 James

james, teotfw, and boy image
Show: The End of the F***ing World

#4 Bill Denbrough

it, Stephen King, and a coisa image
Movie: IT

#5 Clay Jensen

alternative, clay, and walkman image
Show: 13 Reasons Why

#6 Hannah Baker

baker and hannah image
Show: 13 Reasons Why

#7 Veronica Lodge

riverdale and camila mendes image
Show: Riverdale

#8 Betty Cooper & Jughead Jones

riverdale, cole sprouse, and betty cooper image
Show: Riverdale

#9 Elena Gilbert & Damon Salvatore

delena, the vampire diaries, and Nina Dobrev image
Show: Riverdale

#10 Sam

keir gilchrist and atypical image
Show: Atypical

#11 Ron Weasley

harry potter, ron weasley, and ron image
Movie: Harry Potter Series

#12 Mad Max

actress, ginger, and girl image
Show: Stranger Things

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