Hello there, I’m bringing you some songs that I’m loving lately

1. 5:32pm - The Deli

flowers, rose, and pink image
It reminds me of spring, and I don’t know why

2. Self-destructive - Mothica

hands, love, and black and white image
It’s about a relationship, but it’s complicated and is a really good song

3. Afterlife (Ark Patrol Remix) - XYLØ

yellow, love, and aesthetic image
It’s about wait for someone that loves you

4. Afraid of the Dark - Ezi

hands image
It’s a comparison of the darkness with the feeling of being in love

5. Caffeine - Thomston

Inspiring Image on We Heart It
It’s a beautiful song please listen to it, he has an amazing voice

6. Eternal Youth - RUDE

background, wallpaper, and geode image
It’s just music, but is so relaxing and cheerful

Hope you like it
Have a nice day, B✖