Good morning/night/day !! 🙆 Today I want you to know what's in my bag 👜 I'm currently using a lot this school/work shaped bag with the Hogwarts crest in the front, that I bought in Amsterdam last December, because I love Harry Potter and this kind of purse goes with pretty much everything I wear so it's amazing 💫

• my phone

iphone, rainbow, and apple image iphone, apple, and silver image
with headphones, normal charger and portable ones (yes, I have three of them) because I can't live without my phone and I use it constantly

• glasses

aesthetic, glasses, and minimal image sunglasses, black, and summer image
during winter I take my prescription glasses with me everyday because I am nearsighted, but when spring and summer time comes I use my Ray-Ban sunglasses that give me that classy look

• lipstick

makeup, lipstick, and beauty image Temporarily removed
I put in my bag the lipstick I decided to wear that day, if I need to re-touch that during the day I can do it quickly

• lip balm

Temporarily removed baby lips, lips, and makeup image
I can't go out without my lip balm, my lips are so dry even in the summer so I need it a lot!

• birth control

Temporarily removed heart, pills, and pink image
because I want no babieeeees right now

• wallet

Image removed coffee, drinks, and food image
my wallet right now is from Stradivarius with a lot of cute planets and glitter, but I want to change it

• handkerchiefs

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they are always useful, you never know what's going to happen... I usually get dirty with coffe and food when I eat so they are a must for me
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Hope you liked it! 👐🏻
See you soon
Fede ✨