Hey guyss! I decided that I wanted to start publishing articles on here so here is my first post I guess. Its about slaying the hell out of your life whether its on summer or in 2018 or just life in general. These are just some of my tips that I'm gonna be following myself so I hope they help you as well!

1. Makeup

So the first thing on my list is learning how to do your makeup. Its something that I find really beautiful and it can definitely change/improve a look.Of course, if you don't like it you don't have to do it,but for me it makes me feel more badass and it puts me in such a 'slay me bitch' mood.

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You don't need to go and spend like 200$ on some expensive as fuck shit,trust me, you can find good quality + gorgeous makeup that is a lot cheaper.

2. Outfits

Okay but hear me out. Clothing affects my mood a lot not in a way like 'If i don't have a new outfit everyday that cost 94594679$ i'm in a bad mood' but it makes me feel badass or cute or 'bitch imma be slaying'.. you know? Just make sure you buy & wear something that you feel comfortable & badass in, not something what you're expected to wear.

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3. Find inspiration

Go online and search up celebrities or people that you instantly think of when you hear the word slay or goals. Make a collection of their pictures so every time you look at it it motivates you.

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Just know that if you ever think you're never gonna be as beautiful as them,you're right...you're never gonna be as beautiful as them,you're gonna be as beautiful as you because everyone is gorgeous in their own way and those little things that you always find yourself being insecure about someone adores about you. No celebrities is perfect,some have a wider nose or bigger head idk but they are still beautiful as fuck, and so are you.

4. Be more confident

Now I know this is hard,trust me I'm still insecure af but my main goal for summer is to be more confident. I'm always like: if i go out to a club,will people make fun of me for the way i dance or what I wear? Will they,will they... We need to stop caring about what other unimportant people think of us and just live our life because once the moment is gone, you can never get it back...and do you really want to,when you become an adult with a job and many more problems, to look at your life when you were just a teenager in the best years of your life and think: wow, i wish i wasn't afraid to do the things that i wanted..
Think of positive outcomes..what if you do go out and have the best night in your life and maybe meet someone that will change your life..

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Let's go crazy till we see the sun and never stop for anyone tonight let's get some,and live while we're young (whaddup 1D reference)

Thats it for this post,I really hope I helped some of you and that you guys liked it! I'll be writing more in the future,so stay tuned for that. :)

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