Dear you,
here I am again doing last month recap, enjoy it ;)

Let's start!

Song of the month

Il ballo delle incertezze ⇢ Ultimo

dress, ballet, and dance image dress, girl, and fashion image

Book of the month

Il rumore dei tuoi passi ⇢ Valentina D'Urbano

black, epic, and hipster image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

FIlm of the month

Sea of Monsters (Percy Jackson)

blue, ocean, and dark image whale, ocean, and water image

Color of the month


Image by fs_100389 Image by Anna Kalniņa

Word of the month


grunge, fun, and bad image aesthetic, troublemaker, and tumblr image

That's all, see you to the next month recap!


last month recap ;)
in case you were interested ;)