Once upon a time a boy was looking for a book. It wasn't an ordinary book. It was a special book, it was very special. An old man said, It had answers to all questions, every minute detail of everything, About the future, past, and present. The only condition it had was not to be referred when a person is not curious. He should have a purpose in life. He should always be seeking to know, to gather information of what is not known. The guy was looking for some hope, he was feeling a little lost. Nothing was going right, his girlfriend left, he was just flowing.

Eventually he found the book, don't ask how. He just did, or shall i say he thought he did. So one day he was reading that book for answers, a girl asked him bout it. He hid it under his bag. and keep his hands inside his pocket. The girl got curious and said ''what is wrong. ... did i do something?''. He lied, went home.

When he reached home, he remembered he kept his book of fate under his bag-pack. As he freaked out, and started to panic, he checked his bag and the book was there. He looked for the page he paused. He then kept the book aside and slept. After 5 years he saw the same girl, she looked at him and said ''hey, i think we have met. You remember i met you on that bench, you had one book. ..I think you don't remember but. ..i think it belongs to you''; She handed him the book of answers. He was shocked. went back to his library and opens the book. That book was another book, as he checked the title of the book; It said ''The book of fortune'', and it also said, ''What you seek, seeks you''.

Moral of the story: The answer is inside you.