i'm sorry i pushed you away
i'm sorry i shut you out
i'm sorry i lied to you about how i truly feel
i'm sorry for not caring of how you, yourself feel

for letting this feelings take over me


to think that you'd understand the circumstances i'm in
to think that you'd come back and ask me if i'm really okay again
and again
to think that you'd at least say that we could pull this through together
to think that you'd stay and be there for me, like you always said,

when in the end,
you left me

left me as i bury deeper and deeper into the darkness
all by myself

is like a stab to my heart

maybe i expected too much from you
maybe i'm just really that helpless
maybe i'm just pulling you down into that hole with me for you to want to leave me

with all this,
i'm glad you're happier now
no corrupted soul like mine should be in your way ever again