oh hello my dearest friends,
first of all, thank you for clicking onto this article!
maybe you've noticed that it's literally the first time I've ever spoken to you guys on this app
I've thought.... since I'm a part of this community since 2015 lmao.... that I should try to express some of my hidden feelings by writing a small poem, so I can get a bit closer to you guys
please don't rip it into pieces and I hope you enjoy my few sentimental words



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you, you are my only art work that I admire.
no, van gogh nor andy worhal created you.
you, are your own made art.
no, I did not create you but I corrected the errors.
you had streaks of red paint across your face.
no, I didn't fix it but I stroked my dash of blue.
we created purple.
you didn't mind purple, nor did I.
our purple was more extraordinary than starry night, itself.
our lovely creation of art has a special meaning behind that no one knows but us
our purple will forever treasure us

 ✼by maya
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