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Day number 7: list ten songs you're lovin right now

Only ten?
I LOVE listening to music, I can't stay a minute without my favourite songs. I think that music is one of the things that don't make me go crazy every moment. I don't have a special app for listening to music, I just download them (in my country is not unlegal but I don't know if it's the same of the others). I don't even have a favourite singer or a favourite band because I listen one song of that singer, two song of that band. I almost never listen new music because I'm always late and I found out a beautiful 2015's song only in 2018. Sometimes I could even listen a song in 2015, forget it for three years and find out it again today!

1-One Republic-Counting stars

alive dreaming


Superthumb Superthumb

3-Imagine Dragons-Monster

dangerous Superthumb

4-Meghan Trainor-Me too

Superthumb Superthumb

5-Le vibrazioni-Così sbagliato (italian song)

6-Imagine Dragons-Who we are

love Lyrics

7-Amy Winhouse-Back to black

Superthumb Amy Winehouse

8-Betta Lemme-Bambola (french song)

Superthumb Superthumb

9-The Fray-How to save a life

grunge Lyrics

10-Mika-Good guys

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