Hi guys, today I'm gonna share with you my favorite bands and singers.

  • A - Arctic Monkeys
arctic monkeys, alex turner, and music image Image by a n a
  • B - Bon Jovi
bon jovi image music, rock, and bon jovi image
  • C - Coldplay
coldplay image coldplay, music, and Chris Martin image
  • D - Dua Lipa
dua lipa image beauty, celebrities, and fashion image
  • E - Ed Sheeran
Inspiring Image on We Heart It ed sheeran and guitar image
  • F - Foo Fighters
bromance, dave grohl, and foo fighters image Image removed
  • G - Green Day
billie joe armstrong, green day, and tre cool image green day, billie joe armstrong, and tre cool image
  • H - Halsey
Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
  • I - Imagine Dragons
music and imagine dragons image Image by a n a
  • K - Kodaline
Image by a n a Image by a n a
  • L - Linkin Park
Image by a n a Image by a n a
  • P - Post Malone
b&w and post malone image Image removed
  • S - Sum 41
alternative, band, and music image Temporarily removed
  • T - The Script
music and the script image music and the script image
  • U - U2
u2 image u2 image

Some letters are not filled because I did not know.

Hope you enjoy!