I assumed some of us here do have memories be it bad or good which we really wish to get rid of sometimes. Well I do. Memories which is nice to flash back on however could even lead you to your darkest time.

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I hate how that I could even remember the little details of it. To be honest, why do I even care it doesn't matter anymore. There will surely be days that it randomly popped up and make me regret the whole day thinking about it. It makes me think " why did it had to turn out this way?" The worse part is that I wish I could HATE you but I couldn't. I just can't do it, it's been years and still the same. I tried. Its been 3-4 years and still counting, you did look for me when you met a friend of mine. What I know is that, even though I hate you or not, you were once my best friend or now a stranger, what's best is that I wouldn't want anything that had got anything to do with you.

Years passed by thinking, reflecting and telling myself that I'm healed and over it by now. But no, whenever someone talks about you and freshly makes me thought of the memories again, tears drop without hesitation (unintentional).

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We've been friends for more than 10 years, I'm happy now and glad that you left.

Hence, to wrap it up I would say "NOTHING LAST FOREVER" if you're currently sad that someone that you thought would never leave actually left, just let them be. You didn't asked them to leave but they chose to, don't blame yourself for something that you're not at fault for. Remember better days will definitely come, have patience and faith in yourself.

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Till then, take care and stay happy every one ❤