Tecna has a short magneta hair, teal eyes and is the Fairy of Technology. She is very beautiful and intelligent, half of her beauty is her brain. Tecna is very logical and practical, and sometimes has trouble expressing her emotions. She is also very self-confident and a perfectionist. As the fairy of technology, she loves all kind of technology: computers, gadgets… you name it. Tecna has a huge collection of video games from brand new to retro. However, even though she loves games and technology, she likes to exercise and has a great body. Her favorite color is light blue, and her signature colors are periwinkle, purple and lilac. Tecna is not that into fashion but has a cute style. She wears lots of shorts, crop tops and pastel sweaters. Tecna has a cute face and a great skin, so she mostly uses just brow gel, mascara and lipgloss but still looks pretty af.

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