Hello everybody,

I´m ill and can`t go to school today so I decided to write a new (wow it´s my 3.) article. First of all I want to say thank you for so many likes on my last one. Some of you wrote me their opinion and that`s making me very happy. Thank you so much and always feel free to write me.

So this article is about school. I know from many people that school is the hell for them. I must agree. I think school is a good thing bc you can learn and you will need it for your life (sadly not everything). But sometimes it feels like school is taking your life away. Everything you do is for school. You can`t see your friends that much bc of school. You can`t do your hobby bc of school. You don't get enough sleep bc of school. Everything is just too much bc of school. It´s really not like I´m a bad student but I´m in class every day for 10 hours and sitting next to people I don´t even like (I like 10% of the people in my class and they are my best friends but with the other 90% i don`t even talk). I feel like I´m waisting my time! I could do so much better things in this time. But no, I have to sit in class the whole day and stare at a teacher.
Besides, school is taking my whole power. Every night I´m laying in my bed and have no power left. But i should lern or do my homework.
I know some kids in poor families would love to go to school and learn but let me say something: school is very good but also can make you depressiv! It depends!

xoxo K