Hi friends!
I'm here today with an article about how to love yourself. I'm a person who would alwasy compare myself to others but it's the worst thing I can ever do. It ruined my confidence so I had to learn to love and live with myself the way I was born. :)
So, here are some tips how to love yourself. :)

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1. Know yourself. - Try to just sit in silence for about an hour and think about yourself. Don't think about school, friends, family, dishes, universe, just think of yourself and know that person you are living with every minute of your life.
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2. Say 'no' when you need to. - I've been saying 'yes' everyday to everyone to make people happy even when I was becoming more sad and tired. You need to learn to say 'no' even when it hurts someone. Your emotions and feelings should be more important to you.
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3. Don't compare yourself to others. - This is the worst thing you can ever do. Yes, you can get inspired by others, but never think they are more than you. Or better than you. We're all unique in our own way. Stop comparing.
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4. Know and use your strengths. - We all have it different. You just need to find yours and use it. :)
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5. Give yourself a treat. - Just do it. Maybe just a chocolate, good coffee, a hot bath. Anything. Spoil yourself a bit. :)
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6. Be honest with yourself. - For example, if you know something isn't true don't force yourself to believe it is. It's just an example, but I hope you get it. :)
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7. Accept that some people won't like you. - There will always be those creatures that doesn't like you. But you don't worry about it. They only don't like you, 'coz you are better than them. And you know it.
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8. Make fun a priority. - No one likes to see you with a grumpy face. Just laugh and have some fun with people you like. Or even by yourself.
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9. Take good care of your body. - Your body is your temple. Take care of it, so it won't fell down so easily.
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10. Write down your successes. - Trust me, it'll make you feel better and keep pushing you forward.
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11. Find a hobby. - Find something what you'd like to do. Maybe riding a horse, a volleyball, drawing, playing a guitar, piano. You have a lot of options. Just find something what will makes you happy.
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12. Stand up for yourself. - This is so so important. If you have no one to stand up for you, do it yourself. You have nothing to be affraid of. Only your own fear.
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13. Speak kindly to yourself. - I don't think this need any explanation. :)
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14. Ask for help when you need it. - There's nothing bad about this. Everyone needs help every now and then.
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15. Write yourself a love letter. - Just do it. :)

So, these are my 15 tips to love yourself. I hope it'll help you if you are anxious about yourself and you'll fall in love with you. :)
Thank you for reading.
Love you all. :)