Musa has a straight long dark blue hair and dark blue eyes. She loves music, because she is the Fairy of Music. Musa can play many instrument and her dream is to become a singer-songwriter. She loves kpop and could easily become an idol herself. Musa is very down-to-earth and used to be tomboyish but has started to become softer. She is never afraid to speak her mind and can be seen a little pessimistic sometimes. Musa puts up a tough front to hide the fact she’s the most emotionally vulnerable of the girls. Even so, she is very loyal and caring friend and very intelligent. She loves going to the music festivals and can recommend you the best songs. Musa mostly wears jeans and sneakers, but sometimes skirts, too. She does her makeup like Korean girls: dewy skin, straight eyebrows, a little bit of eyeliner and bright red lips.

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