This „scared of growing up“, we all have that.
We are scared it will all stop, someday; missing trains because you forgot time while you were talking with your bestfriend about summer romances, feeling your blood running through your veins of excitement seeing that one person you hide your feelings from, doing the exact opposite things your parents tell you to, being unsure about everything you do but at the same time you know what you really want or maybe you don’t? Who cares when you’re eighteen.

We aren’t really scared of growing up.
We’re scared of losing this feeling called alive.

I felt my heart break, in millions of peaces and in that period of time, I didn’t care about anything or anyone anymore. I didn’t even care about myself, which is the worst. Little did I know, that at this very same evening I would meet this one person. This one person, who makes you feel like wrong’s don’t matter in this moment, suddenly you feel good again.
So tell me, how can you expirience such a heartbreak, days after a certain someone walks into your life who rescues you without being asked to? Rescues you, without having it in mind?

We are young.
Or how could you not miss that?