This is an old poem of my own written at times I did not feel very happy. I'd like to share this anyway, even if it might be too depressive for someone, but I like 'dark' art as well even I have never suffered from any mental illness (or at least I am not aware of it :D). Anyway we all have those times we feel happy about the most banal things or sad even about things that make us usually happy. When I have looked back to this piece I almost forgot how I felt back then and maybe I've fought for myself to get over such feelings and maybe I really did. Maybe you feel the same, you feel unaccepted by society, that almost everyone is letting you down, insulting you or spread hate. This is for you to remember, that you are the only person that matters, that no other person will make you happy as you can and people will see you exactly the same way you see yourself. Pease, be happy.

You may think my life's a fun,
But I feel so damn done.
Tired of fake friends,
Tired of being hurt,
Tired of ignorance,
Is that what I deserve?

I wish that I was strong,
Strong as my only queen.
Wish I could never go wrong,
Wish I could only win.

I am the same mean crap,
As they were in the past.
I fell in the same trap,
How long will it last?

You will be alone,
They won't care anymore.
Cause you're bad to the bone,
You are a mean w*ore.

You destroyed my life
And it hurt like hell.
You stabbed me with a knife
Are you happy as well?

Should stand up and go,
I would rather be dead.
You made me feel so low,
Want a gun near to my head.
Made me feel like a wreck,
Quiet but want to shout.
Want a rope around my neck,
Want some pill in my mouth.