Ever since I started working at home, I've been lazy. I have no desire to go out and meet my friends or any person in particular. I just wanna stay at home, do my work and stream videos and read articles or stories online. However, I'm getting fatter and this can pose a great problem to my health if I won't go out and have an exercise. I know I can exercise inside the house but hey, I'm just so lazy.

What should I do to make myself move and be physically active? Phew. I really have to go out of our house and take a walk. It's good that our diet is mostly vegetarian so my digestive system is still doing well. lol

Anyways, I am trying to write a fanfic in Wattpad. I hope I could finish it though I don't any readers at all. :D

I hope I won't be as lazy as sloth beginning tomorrow. I have to do some self-disciplining. Kyaah!