Everyones Welcome - Selfridges:

In the early 1900s Harry Gordon Selfridge opened Selfridges & Co. It was an event that changed retail forever since this happened many stores have been opened and fashion retail has evolved, with the example of the store Missguided were going to have an insight into these changes!

What's Stayed The Same?

As far as feeling welcomed is concerned, nothing has changed since Mr Selfridge declared 'everyone is welcome' in the 1900's. Most retail stores today (unless they're trying to push their customers away!) are extremely welcoming and accept all different genders, races and types of people in their stores - this was set in stone by Selfridges and has remained since; everyone really is welcome!

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Whats changed?

The early 1900's was quite some time ago, especially in terms of fashion retail, meaning MANY things have changed - here are my top 3 favourite changes:

Online shopping

- Considering the internet did not exist back when Selfridges was founded, its invention has had a massive impact on fashion retail.

Firstly, we were given online only shops that could deliver to your door in days & as if this wasn't enough of a change for retail - them shops were then developed into bricks and mortar, such as the Missguided store in Westfields.

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Genderless clothing lines:

Back in the 1900's around Selfridges launch period, the word was a very closed minded place, everything was black and white and you were wrong if you thought or felt otherwise!

However, since then, people have opened their hearts and minds more and it is now more accepted that some people don't feel comfortable with gender labels - leading to possibly the biggest change in retail - genderless clothing lines! It's only a matter of time until everyone's doing it. Recently there have been talks of Missguided planning to do a men's and genderless range!

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Please document and share :

In the early years of Selfridges, photography was made clear to be something they did not like to take place in their store, this still stands to this day. However, that does not apply to all stores and thanks to the average smartphone and a handy hashtag retail promotion has massively changed since the 1900's.

The Missguided store encourages customers to snap and share their in-store experience and includes fun attributes such as a photo booth and little hashtags around the store.
This was a very smart change in retail, making it one of my favourite changes as it involves the customer more and puts them in control of brand advertising!

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social media shares of the Missguided store, found under the hashtag babesofmissguided.