Hello everyone, I´m back again. I just wanted to share my tips and tricks to be organized. ps. I´m a perfectionist so do not be surprised.


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take you some time and write your dates in the next few weeks or month down.

Write in a good, legible writing.

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That will help you to stay focused.

Divide everything in different books or on papers (or on the laptop)

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if I'm learning (or something like that) I would write some notes on a piece of paper. And after I have found all the information I write it down on the Computer and print it out :-)

do everything with washitape

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it is really easy to buy them on Amazon. Just search ´Washi tape` at amazon :)

You also need a large number of pencils and other supplies <3

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a little tip would be to always have a clean desk :-) but who cares
- school supplies
If you search that on Amazon you will find very basic pens and accessories.

Here are some collections wich could inspire you <3

that was it for today. I hope you liked it :-)
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