Hi guys, as I feel bad today and is staying home from school, I decided to write another article, now that I have time for it. This is a bunch of stuff that I'd really like to do before I turn 30. This is basically just my bucket list, but I'm still young, so more things will probably be added to this list later on. Well, let's get to it, hope you like it!

1. Go Kayaking.

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I've actually already done this, but it was a pretty short trip, and I definitely want to do it again!

2. Do Skydiving

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This is something that I'd really like to try! Even though I know I'll be scared when it's actually happening, but I still know It'll be an amazing experience!

3. Fire a Gun

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Okay, this one sounds a little weird, but I would like to try it. Of course not in any criminal way or something like that!

4. Shoot with Bow and Arrow

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This is another one that I've already done. Again, not in any violent way! It was actually a lot of fun.

5. Bungee Jump

Image by D R E A M E R

This is probably one of the things on this list that scares me the most, but I feel like you have to do something that you're afraid of.

6. Visit Norway

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Even though I live in Denmark, which is not so far away from Norway, I would still love to go there. To the very north of Norway and see the mountains and the northern lights.

7. Visit the USA.

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The USA is indeed a place I would really like to visit, just because I feel like it's so much different from Denmark.

8. Read more than a 100 books

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Now, this is something I know I'll do before I turn 30. How can I explain this one? I just love books, not much more to say about that.

9. Do the Splits

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This is something I'm working on, but for some reason, I'm just not succeeding. But I'll make it!

So, that everything on my bucket list so far. I don't have much more to say, hope you enjoyed it!