You and i, we were friends.
until someday your attitude was so different.
You have changed.
I'm angry. Should i ask you first? I can't, my heart hurts.
I'm disappointed. Did you know?
Do you blame me because my attitude is different?
Do you blame me for everything that happen right now?
When we were friends, i always asked you when you were so quiet "Why? Is there anything wrong?" but you just answered with "No. It's okay I'm okay,"
You never told me your story. One of your story. I'm not force you to tell me all of your story. But then, i feel like, are we true friends? Because you'll never told me anything , you just listened to my story, i was trust you, i really trust you. But now, i think you're not trust me as your friend anymore.
I'm tired and My heart is so hurts.
Goodbye for real.

Note : Im sorry if my english is not good. Im trying to learn it well. It is my story , hope y'all enjoy!
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