hello, I wanted to start a Blog because I love writing articles and give ideas to others. it would have been about fashion and journeys of mine around Europe but mostly around Italy (especially at the sea).
So, since every website I love costs more than 30€ and I'm not gonna spend that money on a blog, I just thought I could write articles on "we heart it" instead :)

so here I'll start with...


#1 For a day spent at home and you want to stay cozy and comfy but not to change if someone comes suddenly for a visit or something else

red image
fashion, outfit, and beauty image
fashion, outfit, and sweater image

the red suit is from I.am.gia and the second outfit is from Champion (which you can find in urban outfitters as well), for the third one you can easily wear a large sweater and some comfy pants.

#2 Outfits that are comfortable for long days for example when you want to go shopping all day long or maybe when you have to go to many places in a short time but still want to have style.
firstly I recommend, for these days, to wear good and comfy underwear. secondly to bring with you a medium-sized not too heavy bag and shoes without high heels. let's see the outfits now

fashion, outfit, and red image
fashion, girl, and style image
fashion, style, and coat image

#3 Simple outfits for every day going to school or at work.

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fashion, style, and outfit image
asian fashion, kfashion, and kstyle image