cryinbg rn because i love timmotteeeeee chalametttttt so much. LIKE A WHOLE LOT aaaaAAAAAA. i'd usually rant like this to my frien but she aint on rn so lol, hey binches im here and better than ever. i have a lloootottt of hw to do rightnow bu im too tired and bored to do so ignore the spelling mistakes and at least try to read thsi. soooo uhhhh mf uhhhhh what do i do on this like my friends saying sum UBER cute shit on hers and im like OOFOFFTTT MY HAERT.
heres sum song recos, teehee :*

love will tear us apart - joy divison (HAH jessica yea i aCtuALLy listen to them)
john wayne - cigarettes after sex, (actually any song from them is amazing ooft)
so sad, so sad - varsity

anywaysss uh,hhhhh , i hoped u enjoyed, like and subscribe and be back fro nextweeks song recos.
anyways ily all and i hope u all have a good night, and uhh get sum mf homeworkj done and love ur selfs xoxoxxo