Dear Crush,
When I first laid my eyes on you, you looked like any other normal guy. I thought that you would be like most of the other people in my life who would just appear and magically vanish in a few days. But little did I know, how attracted I would become to you as days passed. Your looks were quite average, but day by day, that same face was the one that I longed to have a small glimpse at each day. There would be days when you would just playfully nudge me with your shoulder while walking past me or sometimes I would catch you staring at me and we would both look away in embarassment. You were always good and polite towards me.
Then the realization hit me one day like a stone, that I had actually developed feelings for you. I tried shaking those feelings off, telling myself that it's just a passing phase and that such things are just a waste of time. But I couldn't take you off my mind. I never had the courage to tell you that I liked you. I am a very shy person, you see. I always wanted you to be the first one to admit. All the other girls think that you are very good-looking, and so they leave no chance to come and spend time with you. And though it's hard to admit, I did feel jealous at those times. I hated myself for falling for you, a person who every other girl liked. I didn't want to be like them. But what could I do? Your vibrant and playful personality just drew me in.
As days passed, we spoke lesser and lesser to each other, egos now taking over. Our short and sweet talks were reduced to just hi's and bye's. Deep down somewhere, I knew that we could never be together. That you are just a distant dream. Now I don't know whether you even ever have feelings for me. That impatience in me wants to know. But now, anger has taken over me for not being able to get over you. Because, whenever I see you, I fall in love with you all over again. Now we don't talk anymore. Each time I think of you I long to go back to the times when we used to at least smile at each other. But now, I just request you, don't play with my feelings. For I know, without all this chaos that we created, we both would have been happier.

Someone who still likes you.


Hello everyone. I know that in today's world, we girls are really strong and bold. We have the guts to admit to any boy that we like them. But there are also some of us, who find it difficult to express our feelings. We just can't approach others. Whatever be it, I hope you found this post relatable :-)

Also, I wanted to say to all you guys and girls, if you think that your partner abuses you, uses you, drains all your happiness away or even if you feel uncomfortable about the way he/she acts or behaves, you should know that it's time to leave. However hard it may be.

Live your own life! We don't need anyone else to destroy it! :-)