It seems that I am starting to become obsessed with writing college/university related articles. Secretly, I am hoping that writing these articles will give me the motivation I need. But until I am granted with a visit by the College Fairy, I take my time to write down what I carry along on a regular college day in my bag.


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Normally, I should say that you definitely need a quality backpack to support your back. But in all honesty, I, myself, haven't worn a backpack to school in years. I mostly use a tote that's big enough to fit my laptop inside. However, on days where I need to bring along several textbooks, I often use a linen bag to carry those books.

Text and notebooks

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I prefer writing my notes by hand or adding them to my textbooks, hence why I carry around every courses' necessities.


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I try to avoid bringing my laptop to school as much as I can but for some classes, I haven't found a way yet to stay on paper if possible. Only solution: bringing my heavy-weight to school.

Pencil Case

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To twist things up a bit, I change my pencil case from time to time. Inside, there are several blue ballpoint pens, pencils, markers, a ruler, ...


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I have tried a lot of different journals but ever since I first saw them, I am completely obsessed by the beautiful journals of paperblanks. They are not the cheapest ones out there, but they're absolutely breathtaking!


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Although big wallets are very glamorous, I prefer to keep it a bit tinier. That way I can change bags and purses without having to change my wallet.


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Always at the bottom of my bag (like you have to dive into your bag to actually reach them) I have my keys, my phone, my earpods, hair ties, tampons, loose coins, tissues,...
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