How to make your dreams come true
follow this 2 simple steps:

1. Hard work
A great deal of effort or endurance.
Example: 1)“it takes hard work to be successful” 2)“my mom works hard every day”

(source: oxford dictionary)

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2. Send it out to the universe.

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Now, the first rule I can understand, you have to work hard for everything in life, you have to dedicate your time and energy to it, you have to be committed, this is all in your hands…

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I understand that and I agree with it but the second rule though…

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The second rule is not really something you can do, basically what it means is that you just have to get lucky, which is not something that is up to us. We just have to have trust in something, universe or whatever, we just gonna keep doing what we gonna do and just hope that maybe, someday, somehow, someone or somewhat is gonna give it to us.

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Well,.. okay I kind of like that we gonna have faith in something, it’s kind of has this magical and mystical feelings to it which I like, but on the other hand it’s seems a little stupid to me.

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Today, I want to propose an experiment:

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Basically I am going to “send my dream out to universe” by posting it on WHI.
(I know it’s not exactly what it means, that it the stupidest interpretation of “send it out” but hey, are you an expert? I don’t think so…)

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So lets choose one SIMPLE dream of mine:

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I always wanted to live in New York, I know it’s a common dream, a lot, a lot of people have the same dream and i know how cliché it sounds but I really really feel, always felt like I belonged there, I don’t how to explain this, and I know you all are probable sick of hearing this, but I swear this city calls for me, I feel emotionally and physically connected to the dirty streets of New York. I am not looking for glamorous life and I don’t expect that things are going to be easy there, absolutely not, I just feel something different that I can not quite explain. and I have never been there, all I’ve seen is from movies, and tv-shows and pictures and other peoples stories, but I feel, I really do feel some type of connection to this place…

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But okay, now my dream is out there on the internet, now what? We just have to wait, wait and see…

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I promise I am going to work hard , do what I have to do on my side, but the rest is on the universe… I am going let you guys know about my experiment SO stay tuned for the next 10 years… love you

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Would not it be funny, that after 70 years when I’m finally gonna be able to live my dreams, I am gonna write an article with just 4 words: “I made this bitches”
hahaha and than DIE right the moment the plane lands in New York city,
Hahaha, funny right?
wow it got really sad real quick…
okay sorry I’m done.