He is farrrrrrrrrrrrr from me.
Somewhere I don't even know.
He is doing great. He is busy with his life.
He is happy.
But when the night comes, he is thinking about me, like I think about him.
We both look at the sky and wish to meet each other.
We both are tired of waiting.
We both had tough times recenlty. We wish to cuddle...
After looking at the sky for many hours, we finally close our eyes and fall asleep.
That's when our souls wakeup and meet each other.
That's when we are together...
We fly to the universe and some magical connections happen between us.
But when we woke up everything fades...It's like we had dreams.
We never give up on each other, cause we know after long time what means being together.
My hope never dies.
It's my wish to fly with you.
Yes,I'm searching for him.
Who is "HE"?
- " I don't know how he looks like. But I only know one thing. He exists...and HE is my Soul mate. "
(Inspired by him,March 14,2018)