They are not just solid plane rocks, no, They're different. They're shiny. They're pretty.They're a girl's best friend.


Presenting as;

  • First and foremost are these beautiful tiaras.
accessories, beauty, and aesthetic image
omg so many
  • And this earring.
accessories, blogger, and details image
I mean HOW?
  • These rings tho.
rings, diamond, and ring image
who knew diamonds could be lowkey too,
  • Shoes.
shoes, heels, and wedding image chic, shoe, and diamonds image fashion, shoes, and slides image beautiful, photography, and beauty image
  • Glitter too.
brunette, diamonds, and makeup image diamonds, hands, and silver image
glitter much? nope, there's never enough glitter.

Okay, ya'll that's enough diamonds for now. We'll observe these magnificent rocks again some other time.

- Nemo //