This is meet me challenge. I´m gonna show you some things about me and about something I love. Here we goo.

My look and style

Superthumb brown adidas adidas clothes clothes
This is how I look. My hair is brown and my eyes are green. My style is simple.I don´t really love fashion and dreeses and all that things.

Favourite color

blue background Superthumb
I love all colors but my favourite is green, blue and black.


food burger Superthumb chocolate
I can´t live without chocolate. No I really can´t.


animal animal animal adorable
Dog´s are my favourite animals.They are just so cute.


book black and white art art art Superthumb Superthumb
My hobby: reading books, listen music, draw and hanging with my frends.I love being alone but it is good when you with someone. I love one person she means world to me. He is my friend, he is my brother, he now me better then anyone else.


Bonnie Superthumb selena gomez Superthumb
The Vampire Diaries, Shadowhunters, Riverdale and 13 Reasons Why


book johnny depp Superthumb paul walker
I have many others favourite movies but these are my number 1. Fast & Fourious, Pirates of the Carribean, The maze runner and Transformers

My queens

grammys Superthumb dytto beauty
My queens are Nina Dobrev and Dytto. Those girls are amazing and beautiful and... I don´t have words for that. They are just queens.

Kings and Loves of my life

Superthumb boy teen wolf Superthumb Superthumb
Kings: Paul Walker and Dylan O´Brein and the Love of my life: Kenneth San Jose and Dylan O´Brein. I LOVE THEM SO MUCH !!!


city Superthumb
I would like to travel in the New York and Los Angeles.


shawn mendes, boy, and shawn image
I listen so many songs but my favourite singer is Shawn Mendes.

My heart

Superthumb Superthumb car best friends Superthumb
I tell you before my heart is my brother he is not my real brother, he is my friend. But we use brother and sister relationship like joke but I love him more than myself. You ask yourself what cars have with these? I´m gonna tell you I have that some love to the cars. I love drive so I just wannt to tell that this is Meet Me challenge and that is something i really love so I want you to now.

I hope you enjoy. Now if you read it you Meet Me and now what i LOVE. Thanks for hearts and Bye!!