Going to a theme park and waiting in long lines go hand in hand. And no one enjoys waiting, right? However, there are some tricks to minimize the time you spend waiting in theme parks. I used my three favourite theme parks in Europe as examples. I highly recommend these parks for any theme park lover: Europapark in Germany, Disneyland Paris and Efteling in the Netherlands. However, the tips below can be applied to any theme park.

Do a little research on which attractions are busy

If you want to use the tips below, it is handy to know for which attractions they help the most. So check the waiting times for the theme parks before you go there. You can just google the park you are going to visit and check the waiting times (or message me if you want to know the popular attractions of the three theme parks I mentioned above).

Make use of fastpasses

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Some theme parks offer free fastpasses that allow you to skip a part of the waiting line for popular attractions. Here is how it works: when you enter the theme park, you go to a certain attaction and you get a ticket with a certain time slot. If you return to the attraction during that time slot, you are allowed to skip a part of the queue and enjoy the attraction after a much shorter wait. So it is best to get the fastpasses at the beginning of the day as they run out very quickly. Examples of attractions that use this system are Voletarium in Europapark and Space Mountain in Disneyland Paris. However, each theme park can have somewhat different conditions, so make sure to check if the theme park that you visit has a fastpass system and how it works, because fastpasses are not always free.

Get to the park early

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If you arrive at the theme park before it opens, you can immediately go to your favourite busy attraction when the park opens. You can easily ride a few attractions in the first hour, before the park gets really busy. For example: at Efteling, you can easily ride divecoaster Baron 1898, water coaster The Flying Dutchman and the wooden rollercoaster George and the Dragon in one hour time.

Continuous attractions

Usually a theme park is at it's busiest between 12 pm and 4 pm, so it is best to save the attractions that have the shortest waiting times for the afternoon. Continuous attractions are attractions that run continuous shows through the day and therefore have shorter waiting times. Examples of these attractions are for example 4D movies like Pandadroom in Efteling or Happy Family in Europapark.

Go on rides during parades and shows

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Large numbers visitors of theme parks go to shows and parades, and as a result popular attractions will be less busy during these events. A good example of such an event that shortens the wait time enormously, is the parade in Disneyland Paris. If you go there multiple days or simply don't care about the parade, this is the perfect time to visit your favourite attractions like Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain or Peter Pans flight.

Use the single riders line

If you don't mind being separated from your friends or family during a ride, this is for you! Some theme parks have single riders lines for certain attractions. If not all places are full people from the single riders line will fill up the empty spots. Popular attractions with single riders lines are Ratatouille in Disneyland Paris, Arthur in Europapark and Symbolica in Efteling.

Avoid days with special events

Some theme parks have special events going on during the summer holidays on which there are special performances of singers or when the park has extra opening hours. On these days, the parks are mostly very busy, so if you do not want to stay in line for too long, you might want to avoid these days. Check the website of the theme park you are going to to see the dates of these events.

I hope these tips will help you get the best out of your day in a theme park. They certainly help for me!

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