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Today's article will be my take on a tag created by @itsqueenems!

I was tagged by two amazing girls here on WHI, Caylie (@dystopiaglory) and Millie (@Whispiral), so here are their articles so you can check them out!

So let's just start!

1. I am easily affected by my atmosphere

I'm always moving things around in my bedroom, changing or adding new decor pieces to get a new feel for my space. It keeps me inspired, it keeps me motivated. I can't concentrate or get work done if my space is a mess, so I always try to keep it clean by taking a few minutes every night before bed to put everything back to its place.

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2. I don't wanna get married

This is random but it is true. I don't think that I need to marry someone to make our love and relationship "real" or "official". The only reason I would marry someone is to make things easier when we decide to have kids. You know, all the paperwork and stuff, to be "married" in the government's eyes. I just don't feel like I need to have a party, a honey moon, a big dress or anything to validate my love for someone.

3. My eyes are so dark that you can't tell the pupil from the iris

4. My ultimate dream pet is a headhodge

.. but i will never learn how to spell it properly in english lol in spanish they are called "erizos", way easier haha

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5. I find it awkward when people compliment me

I just don't know how to reply to compliments. I often just say "thank you" but sometimes I think that the other person is waiting for something else or I don't know! I just get shy and stand there basically haha Or I start explaining why I shouldn't be complimented for that as it is actually not that big of a deal but thanks anyway. Can you feel the awkwardness yet? haha

6. I dress in black and white clothes only

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7. I enjoy architecture way too much

I even have a collection dedicated to it lol

8. I am the night owl friend

I am just so much more productive at night. I rather stay up doing things till 6am than waking up at 6am.

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9. I dont wanna get a tattoo

I love tattoos and I love how they look. But I don't want one on my body. I'm just too indecisive to choose one thing and have it in my body for the rest of my life. I know I will get tired of it (or stop liking it) in a matter of weeks. So yeah, better avoid the idea from the beginning haha

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10. My ultimate favorite anime (ever) is Sakura Card Captor

I LOVE it, it is one of my favorite memories from childhood. I watched it all over again a few years ago and it was as amazing as I remembered it being. This year they released a brand new season and you can't imagine how excited I am for it!

sakura card captor image flower, pink, and sakura image
The name Sakura comes from a japanesse flower which is an icon of their culture. I love that flower a lot ♡
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and Kero is my fave

11. I love quotes

Sometimes it is really hard for me to put into words how I'm feeling, so quotes do it for me. And also, makes me feel like somebody somewhere understands what I'm going through.

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12. I'm both coffee and tea person

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13. Future make up artist?

My sister decided to drag me into this make up course and apparently, at the end of it, if I pass the exam and everything, I will be certified as social make up artist. I had my first class today lol We'll see how that goes!

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I've already written an article with some facts about myself, you can check it out here if you want:

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