quotes, green, and slytherin image quotes, dreamer, and rose image 12, christmas, and doctor who image quotes, past, and grunge image
I think of myself as witty, enthusiastic dreamer. And a hopeless romantic.


vans, shoes, and black image Temporarily removed avocado, green, and socks image fashion, style, and grunge image
Vans, leather, funky socks and fishnets


plants, bathroom, and green image alternative, grunge, and vintage image black, crow, and raven image Temporarily removed
greens, yellows, black and navy blue


tattoo, cat, and legs image Temporarily removed cat, car, and tattoo image cat, cute, and animal image
I'm 100% cat person


pink, aesthetic, and red image 50s, blue, and diner image milkshake, food, and aesthetic image Temporarily removed
50s diners are my aesthetic


tattoo image Taylor Swift, Reputation, and friends image Temporarily removed Epica and simone simons image
Bring me the horizon, Taylor swift, panic! at the disco and Epica


book, harry potter, and autumn image Image by tenderlygirl book image book, books, and glasses image
Harry Potter and John Green


horror, kiss, and Mia Wasikowska image queenie goldstein, alison sudol, and fantastic beasts image Temporarily removed la la land, movie, and neon image
Crimson Peak, Fantastic Beasts, Harry Potter and La La Land

Tv series

victoria, jenna coleman, and doctor who image got, arya stark, and game of thrones image clara oswald, doctor who, and art image dress, pretty, and blonde image
Victoria, Game of thrones, Doctor who and Downton Abbey


life, quotes, and concert image Image removed quotes, smile, and words image happy, quotes, and health image
go to conserts, paint more, smile more and just be happy

Thanks for reading! xoxo