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1. Drink 8 cups of water everyday drinking water is actually quite a hard task but try and span yourself out to complete the challenge

2. Travel somewhere, even just down the road

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walking even for just 3 minutes a day helps you a lot

3. Take photos of flowers

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flowers just make nearly everyones day

4. Try listening to a new genre of music

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you might shock yourself and like a new genre of music

5. Buy a gift for someone dear to you

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giving to others always feels great

6. Write letters to those dear to you

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a letter from somone to another always feels great for them and for you

7. Watch a funny video

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something that makes you laugh is always great

8. Watch a new youtuber

9. Cook something new

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10. Take photos of a sunset and sunrise

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11. Go to a concert or festival

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12. Be generous to someone in need

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13. Hug someone

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14. Have a mini photo shoot

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15. Write to your future self

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trust me writing a letter to yourself, especially if your going through a tough time, gives you something to look forward to

16. Make something DIY

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heyo! so this was my first time at doing a artical if you like this ill be doing more so follow and chat to me etc
stay groovy - chlo xx